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A more consistent and widespread lower layer of dark-gray sediment lies beneath level 2l, fading away beside the open shaft (Fig.

1; Only human bones and teeth from sediments postdating the éboulis (from levels no deeper than 2l) are dealt with here.

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The Sima de las Palomas (Rock-Dove Hole) is a karstic shaft (37° 47′ 59″ N, 0° 53′ 45″ W) in the Permo-Triassic marble of a hill (Cabezo Gordo) in Torre Pacheco township, Murcia, reaching 312 m a.s.l., overlooking the Mar Menor coastal lagoon of the Mediterranean Sea (, Figs. The shaft's brecciated contents were largely emptied by 19th century miners, who left a sediment column down one side and scattered fossiliferous rubble on the hillside. It attained a maximum thickness of ≈20 cm in the angle of an L-shaped excavation area in the Upper Cutting, covering a thin, oblong marble slab (≈40 × 30 × 10 cm) between levels 2k and 2m.

Systematic collection of disturbed remains and excavation of the upper breccia deposits were begun by M. The lens petered out, both near the open shaft and below the entrance where it covered part of the foot of a downward and inwardly steeply sloping (30°–40°) éboulis or scree of marble blocks ≤50 kg.

If we are to understand the paleobiogeography of this process, and hence the potential patterns of interactions between these two morphologically defined human groups, then it is essential to document the biology of both the earliest modern humans and the latest Neandertals.

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These later sediments contained Middle Paleolithic artifacts, animal bones (some of which are burnt), and pollen indicative of mild climatic conditions (14, 16, 17).

Como Hacienda no se fía de que le digamos lo que hemos pagado por el coche de verdad, anualmente publica unas tablas con la valoración mínima de cada vehículo.

Estas son las tablas para el año 2018 (se publicaron a finales de 2017).

Para calcular la valoración del vehículo hay que usar dos tablas: De la tabla sacamos que el precio del coche nuevo era de 30.300 €.

Ahora sólo hay que tener en cuenta la depreciación del coche para obtener la valoración de Hacienda.

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