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They have to be injected with extremely strong tranquilisers just to keep them from passing out from the pain."Dr Yegorov says krokodil users are instantly identifiable because of their smell.

"It's that smell of iodine that infuses all their clothes," he says.

Her flesh is falling off and she can hardly move anymore," says Sasha.

Photographs of late-stage krokodil addicts are disturbing in the extreme.

Oleg glances furtively around him and, confident that nobody is watching, slips inside the entrance to a decaying Soviet-era block of flats, where Sasha is waiting for him.

Ensconced in the dingy kitchen of one of the apartments, they empty the contents of a blue carrier bag that Oleg has brought with him – painkillers, iodine, lighter fluid, industrial cleaning oil, and an array of vials, syringes, and cooking implements.

"They told me that two years ago almost all their drug users used heroin," said the drugs tsar.

"Now, more than half of them are on desomorphine."He estimates that overall, around 5 per cent of Russian drug users are on krokodil and other home-made drugs, which works out at about 100,000 people.

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With krokodil, the pain can last up to a month, and it's unbearable.Half an hour later, after much boiling, distilling, mixing and shaking, what remains is a caramel-coloured gunge held in the end of a syringe, and the acrid smell of burnt iodine in the air.Sasha fixes a dirty needle to the syringe and looks for a vein in his bruised forearm.Essentially, they are injecting poison directly into their flesh.

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One of their friends, in a neighbouring apartment block, is further down the line."She won't go to hospital, she just keeps injecting.

"There's no way to wash it out, all you can do is burn the clothes.