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28-Sep-2017 19:18

Just think if you waited another year or two and saved what you would otherwise be spending on rent or bills you could have a deposit to buy or a lot of money in the bank.With no disrespect intended if your living in a 7 bed house, its not like your falling over each other through lack of space and any money you spend on rent & bills is money you have effectively burnt.It also gave us our own space without locking ourselves in the bedroom We live in Surrey and like you share bills but did a lot of research not so long ago as had hoped to move out until we realised it just wasnt viable for us at the momment as there were too many unknowns around the corner.In a 2 bed flat or house in Surrey we allowed for between 160 and 180 a month council tax, 10 to 15 a month for water, 60 a month for electric, 60 a month for gas 12.5 a month for TV Lisence 45 a month for internet and landline plus mobile phone, petrol, car insurance, road tax, vehicle maintenance (MOT) and any unforseens.We allowed 60 a month for gas and 60 for electric which could be considered generous but a friend recently moved into a flat with a gas card and electric key and between the 2 is doing about 45 a week!I should apologies as dont want to put the dampners on your dreams I just think anyone would be mad to consider moving out at a time like this if they had a viable alternative.Mark List Of Sex Cams and its FREE sex webcam sites, live adult chats, pay pornsites and famous camgirls.

A sponsor of the legislation has said she does not believe officers are actually taking advantage of the law, but it should still come off the books.Only an idea but if you absolutely HAD to get out, you would be better off renting a 3 bed and letting out a room to help subsadise your bills.Only problem is your then bringing a stranger into your home with your child so its a double edged sword but would help bring costs down.hope this helps x Hey I live in Scotland so prices might vary but I pay 500 per month for rent on a 2 bedroom house 180 a month council tax (our water charges are included in council tax) 44 gas 25 electric 12 tv license 44 sky tv, internet & phone and around 30 a week food shopping for 2 adults and 1 toddler some weeks its more if we need to buy nappies, toilet rolls, washing powder etc... I know its tough living with parents, I currently live with mine, my partner and my two children but imo now is anything but the time to be looking to move out.

NI is going up, petrol, gas, electric, the costs of living in general and I would have thought council tax will be going up soon too.My rent is 350 a month but HA covers that just now Gas and Electric are 55 a month Tv license is 12 a month Home insurance is 7 a month Tv, phone and Broadband are around 30 a month 25 a month in council tax (the rest is covered by the council tax benefit) We have a 3 bed house, this is what we pay out for bills: Rent 280pcm Water 36 pm Council Tax 80pm Gas 50pm Electric 50pm 2x Contract Mobiles 45pm Broadband 19pm TV Liscence 12pm Food Shopping 200pm on average Hi, I am a young single mummy, currently living at home with my parents and my DS. at the moment, I contribute to bills but for my parents 7bed they are really high and not a reflection of what i would pay - i hope!