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25-Nov-2017 01:47

So they said to us, “We want you to do some of these." You can take something like that, that seems like a chore, and make it something cool."So other than "Game of Thrones," of course, was there anything else behind trying to broaden the approach this season?

After two seasons, after 16 episodes, was there a sense that you had to reinvent things a little bit -- that you'd done all the jokes about pickling and birds, and it was time to try something new?

They looked expensive, antique, cared for, the case …

everything, even the drums, were sort of vintage-y.

Yeah, but in the past – I want to say the past five years – it happens to me where I’m not against any music. In fact, when they come onto "SNL," it’s always nice, ‘cause I actually like when bands at least play their instruments as opposed to having dancers.

I’m so into punk that – part of what I liked about punk is that even though you had some hardcore bands, there were some pretty folky bands in there. Instruments, I’m like, “Great, thank you.”(laughs) For that sketch, we went to a music festival – I actually went with Janet Weiss, who’s the drummer for Sleater-Kinney and Wild Flag.

And it’s by the reaction that you know, “Oh, this is something.” I can’t remember if it was Carrie or Jon who came up with Furniture Now, but Carrie – let’s just say it was Carrie – will be like, “You know what I noticed in Portland?

That also came from a real experience where -- even though a fart patio would be, like, fictional – near the studio in L. there was this natural restaurant and everything is really raw.Yeah, that’s kind of it, and also it brings out the best in the writers and the performers if it’s a little bit of a challenge.Not insane, not going crazy where it’s something totally different, but just a little.But we go because it’s close and it’s healthy and it’s actually nice – a lot of kale, a lot of brown rice – and we’d be like, “This is so good, I’m actually really glad that I’m eating this way!

” And when we’d start walking back to – it’s not that we really farted, it’s just that our stomach, I could hear my stomach.Chloe dated both of them, before settling on Fred -- and as the third season concludes the two friends are barely speaking.