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His touch would send an instantaneous alert to the human caretaker behind the avatar, prompting the Care Coach worker to launch the tablet’s audio and video stream. The dog complimented Jim’s red sweater and cheered him on when he struggled to buckle his watch in the morning. ”south of Lake Minnetonka, in Monterrey, Mexico, Rodrigo Rochin opens his laptop in his home office and logs in to the Care Coach dashboard to make his rounds.

He reciprocated by petting the screen with his index finger, sending hearts floating up from the dog’s head. ” Pony told him a month after they first met—something Care Coach operators often tell the people they are monitoring. He talks baseball with a New Jersey man watching the Yankees; chats with a woman in South Carolina who calls him Peanut (she places a cookie in front of her tablet for him to “eat”); and greets Jim, one of his regulars, who sips coffee while looking out over a lake. He’s a fan of the Spurs and the Cowboys, a former international business student, and a bit of an introvert, happy to retreat into his sparsely decorated home office each morning.

When faced with an onscreen character that actually talking to him, Jim readily chatted back. Arlyn perched the tablet upright on a table in Jim’s living room, where he could see it from the couch or his recliner.

Within a week Jim and Pony had settled into a routine, exchanging pleasantries several times a day.

He frowned at his daughter, his brow furrowed under a lop of white hair.Tired of her sister’s waffling, Layney finally snatched the tablet and presented it to their dad, who was sitting in his armchair.“Here, Dad, we got you this.” The dog blinked its saucer eyes and then, in Google’s female text-to-speech voice, started to talk.He grew up crossing the border to attend school in Mc Allen, Texas, honing the English that he now uses to chat with elderly people in the United States.

Rodrigo found Care Coach on an online freelancing platform and was hired in December 2012 as one of the company’s earliest contractors, role-playing 36 hours a week as one of the service’s avatars.

Arlyn had moved from California back to Minnesota two decades earlier to be near her aging parents.